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How smaller doses of more powerful drugs allowed Mexican cartels to overwhelm Mexican police and flood the US

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I have more than 10 years in the freelance business writing as my main source of income, pitching every single week to national and international outlets (see the image above). I cover a variety of beats and my pitch acceptance rate is around 45 percent (as of July 2021). The industry average is around 12 percent.


Through my freelance writing consultation service, I share sage advice with other writers who are breaking into the field, want to improve their pitches, crystalize story ideas, need help to find editorial contacts, or whatever else you may need to enhance your journalism career. 

When you book a consultation, you’ll be added to a private Google Docs archive where you’ll find a wide verity of resources such as tips for freelancers, editorial contacts for main publications, insight on price range per publication and more. 

With this tools you will easily earn back the fee you invested in the freelance writing consultation service.

To book a consultation, please send $300 via Zelle, PayPal (you must pay any fees), GooglePay (, or via bank transfer. Then email with 2-4 dates/times that suit your schedule for a one-hour voice call as well as your What’s App number or Skype username.

Once you’ve paid and we’ve scheduled a meeting, please send me a link to a Google Doc with any questions you may have about journalism, drafts of 1-3 pitches (not articles), and target outlets in order for me to edit them before our meeting. In addition, you may send 3-5 additional ideas (1-3 sentences, not full pitches) you’d like to brainstorm together on our call. If you’re not ready to draft pitches, then I can share sample successful pitches with you before the call. I will review the materials, workshop your pitches, and develop answers to your questions prior to our meeting (approx. one hour of work on my end).

I’ve conducted freelance writing consultations with writers from across the globe and helped writers land stories in various publications including Business Insider, Vice, The Daily Beast, The New Humanitarian, and many more.


News journalist with strong breaking, features and investigative journalism skills. +10 years experience writing immigration, border security and culture for main US outlets. 100% bilingual.

English and Spanish bylines at CNN, Business Insider, The Daily Beast, Vice World News, The Guardian, Univision, Playboy, others.